Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The BERZERKER exclusive art toy is on the loose!!!

For several months I have been developing my original design for and Art Toy.

The Berzerker is inspired by characters from the world of 8-BIT video games.

These menacing figures would chase your hero through a series of mazes. Attempting to surround him and blast him with their lazer vision.

My three-dimensional interpretation of these characters brings the simplified pixel graphics into the physical world.

This first exclusive series of twelve figures made their debut at DragonCon, in Atlanta.

Completely hand-sculpted, molded, cast and finished.

Each BERZERKER features a one of a kind, hand-painted colorway.

Limited Edition of 12 signed + numbered pieces.

6 inches tall (15.25 cm)

A few remain in my Etsy shop.

see link below


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