Sunday, November 6, 2016

IX Arts (IlluxCon 2016)

Many thanks to the entire IlluxCon family; especially Pat & Jeannie Zaengle Wilshire for all of their dedication. I met so many great new people and reconnected with some great old friends.

Photo Credit: Will Dudla (ninja ix9 camera guy)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

IX (IlluxCon) Reading, Pennsylvania

While some of my new sculptures will be on exhibit in Jersey City (see previous post); You can come on out and say hello to me and many great fantasy artist at IX

"Empathy (Expereincing from within)" 2016 6in. x 7in. resin, epoxy, enamel + acrrylic

Flagship Gallery - Jersey City Art & Studio Tour

Come on out to see some of my newest sculptures.

150 Pacific Ave, JCAST Flagship Gallery

Free shuttle available from Grove Street PATH.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Thank you, DragonCon! Thank you, Atlanta!

I've just returned from another amazing experience at DragonCon.

This was my third year exhibiting at the convention. Atlanta never fails to extend it's warmth and hospitality to the convention. Everyone from the local coffee shops like HodgePodge; restaurants like HomeGrown, Ria's Bluebird, and Flatiron, and the staff of the host hotels, welcomes the attendees and artists. It feels like a giant family reunion.

I would also like to express my appreciation for all of the volunteers. Their hard work and dedication make the show happen.

Can't wait to get back next year.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The BERZERKER exclusive art toy is on the loose!!!

For several months I have been developing my original design for and Art Toy.

The Berzerker is inspired by characters from the world of 8-BIT video games.

These menacing figures would chase your hero through a series of mazes. Attempting to surround him and blast him with their lazer vision.

My three-dimensional interpretation of these characters brings the simplified pixel graphics into the physical world.

This first exclusive series of twelve figures made their debut at DragonCon, in Atlanta.

Completely hand-sculpted, molded, cast and finished.

Each BERZERKER features a one of a kind, hand-painted colorway.

Limited Edition of 12 signed + numbered pieces.

6 inches tall (15.25 cm)

A few remain in my Etsy shop.

see link below

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Inspiration (Third Eye) -Behind the scenes.

Here are some photos explaining my process for developing one of my recent sculptures. Step 1: Sketching out the design. Above is a small preliminary drawing of my concept. Below is the same designs enlarged to the actual size I wish to to sculpt it in. I used the grid method to scale the drawing up proportionately.

Step 2: I rolled out a slab of oil-based clay. Rubbed the back of my enlarged drawing with graphite. Placed the drawing on top of the clay slab. Traced the drawing onto the clay slab. Pushing down on the drawing with a pen makes the graphite transfer to the clay. Then I begin carving away the excess clay (see cross-hatched area) which will not be part of the final design.

Step 3 More carving an contouring of the shapes. This Bas Relief technique adds dimension and the illusion of volume to the shallow slab of clay. Here you can also see the heavy board I mounted the clay slab onto. I have found that rotating the board expedites this process and makes the work more comfortable. I can more the entire piece to work on different areas. It can also be held vertically to be viewed from a distance to check my progress.

Step 4 This is the first resin casting of the finished design. I skipped the molding process for now since that is quite involved. This series is to highlight some of my design methods.

Step 5 Here is a little more info about the molding process. On top is the completed resin casting of the flaming eye. Under the resin casting is a clay sculpture of what will be a second layer to the design. This test fitting of resin and clay elements helps me decide how the whole composition will work. The clay border surrounding the second sculpted layer is a retaining wall. This will contain the silicon when it is poured over the clay. This is a simple way of creating a one part or blanket mold." The brown circular shape on the bottom is my turntable. This allows me to rotate the whole assembly and work comfortably on different areas.

Step 6 Here is the completed sculpture. The top green flames are cast in opaque white resin. The orange base is cast in a clear resin and tinted with dye. This translucent feature allows light to glow through the material.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Combustion 2 - Testimonial

I recently completed a commission and wanted to share the letter which client wrote me.

It was a pleasure working on this project with the client. Their enthusiastic reception of the completed piece was incredibly gracious and encouraging.

Moments like this remind me that the work I do, all of the long nights isolated in my studio, really does resonate with people.

This experience has been the highlight of this year's convention season.

Thank you all for your continued support.