Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My weapons of choice. Including- some of my homemade tools.

Hope this list helps answer some of the questions I've been receiving about my process and tools in working with oil-based clay (Chavant NSP) These are some of my main sculpting tools in order of how they are most commonly used.

1-2. wooden modelers

3. squared edge chopstick

4. wire rake (floral wire wrapped around coat hanger)

5. mini ribbon tools

6. calipers

7. mini serrated metal kidney

8. mini rake (bandsaw blades looped in old paintbrush stem)

9. fine rakes (guitar / bass strings looped in ballpoint pen stems)

10. ball stylus

11. "Colour Shaper" soft rubber tip

12. wrinkle tool (sewing needles on old paintbrush stem)

13. soft paintbrush (to apply solvent to clay and smooth out toolmarks)