Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Extension: The real deal -spiral skull sculpture

I am currently focusing on realizing some of my painted designs in sculptural forms.

I decided to start with the spiral skull creature from my painting entitled Extension. Some of you may recognize it as part of my "Skull-Bowl" series or from my blog avatar. This image has received a strong response, making it the logical choice to start my sculpture series with.

Here is a little bit about my process.

This is the clay in its early stages. I am using Chavant NSP, which I softened with a lamp to begin forming the large masses. While I did refer to my original design from the painting, I made some changes to the proportions. These subtle alterations to the form made the structures more unified in the physical form.

Here is a photo of the prepared mold form. Getting ready to pour in the latex compound.

This is a comparison shot. Some of the detail on each casting must be refined with an Xacto knife before painting. The final finished pieces capture every nuance of the original sculpture and each facet is enhanced by the "natural bone" or "bronze tone" finishes.

Available in two finishes:

"natural bone"
"bronze tone"

Also included will be a custom sculpted frame in the works.

Please specify your choice of color when ordering.
Shipping & handling are not included in prices. I do accept PayPal.

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