Thursday, February 11, 2010

Figure Drawing -warm-ups-

My new weapon of choice;

Copic WIDE -extra broad- markers

They look like sharp chisels.  The large tip allows for the broadest range of line width which I have ever achieved with a marker.  I really enjoy throwing down huge shadow areas then, without switching tools, delicately adding wispy lines.

one-minute poses (one color) 24 x 18

one-minute poses (two colors) 18 x 24

*These drawings were done from models found on 
It is a great site filled with video tutorials 
in all areas of drawing and painting.  
I highly recommend checking it out.  
It has useful information for all skill levels.

One last note: the middle value would dry up quickly while I was drawing.  I found that misting the tip and inside the cap between uses helped refresh the ink flow.

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  1. Christopher,

    Wow beautiful work. It's good to no that you are utilizing these videos. I'm usually unsure if any of the members use them. The models are super costly.

    Keep up the great work. I'll be photographing another model next week.